Registration Rodeo Part 5: SAM Strikes Again!

Just as we were rounding out the series on registrations, SAM strikes again! Now, SAM has rolled out a new credentialing process for logging in. If you had a SAM username and password, that no longer works.

Now, everyone must establish a login with Follow the link on the SAM website for logging in and use the email address associated with your SAM registration to create new credentials.

Once SAM directs you to, you will enter your email address. Next, the site will send you an email and you must click on the link to verify the email address. Next, you establish a password and enter your phone number (where you can receive text messages or calls). Finally, a code is texted to you for use in logging in. After you enter the code, the system generates a personal key code. This code is important! Print it and file it or save a screen shot or print as a PDF and file electronically.

Now…finally…you can actually access SAM.

As we covered in Registration Rodeo Part 3 and 4 last month, you first register as an individual user. Once you receive your individual credentials, you can select Register New Entity and begin the entity registration process. Immediately following the submission of the registrations, you must send a notarized letter to SAM. SAM provides a template for this letter, which can be found here. Select the template for:  I need to formally appoint an Entity Administrator for a single domestic entity.

Bottom line: the process is more confusing than ever!  But, it is completely doable if you just give yourself plenty of time. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your application due date to complete registrations. They don’t always take that long but it is the unpredictable nature of the process that creates the need for extra time.  And, remember that SAM must be renewed annually.  An expired SAM is almost as challenging as registering from scratch, so take the time to keep your registration valid.  Finally, do not wait to ask for help!  If you are stuck, call the Federal Service Desk right away for support (866-606-8220).

Next month, the final installment of the Registration Rodeo (unless something else changes), which will cover the registration process.