Registration Rodeo Part 3 and 4: Bank Account and Starting the SAM Registration

Last month, I walked you through the DUNS registration process.  Once you receive your DUNS, you an now start your SAM registration.  But wait, before you begin, you must complete Step 3.

Step 3: Establish a Bank Account

A bank account is required for the next registration. Visit your preferred local branch to set up a business bank account. Call ahead for a list of documentation required to establish a business account.  You will need the following bank-related information to complete the SAM registration:

  • Bank account number
  • Routing number
  • ACH Clearing house phone number for the bank (or branch number)

Step 4: Initiate the SAM registration

Once you receive your DUNS number, you can start the SAM registration. The first step is to create an individual account. Use the individual account to register your entity. Registering an entity is fraught with opportunities for errors and delays. The process, without errors, can take several weeks—so start early!

When registering with SAM, make sure to enter the information exactly as it was entered for both the EIN and DUNS registration. Even the smallest change, for example, leaving off “Inc.” or the period in Inc. can cause your registration to be rejected.

There are several steps to the SAM registration approval process. First, the registration is matched against IRS records, then a CAGE Code must be issued. A CAGE Code is issued by the Defense Logistics Agency and can sometimes take several weeks to receive. Once your CAGE code is issued, the Authorized Representative must submit a notarized letter to complete the registration.

Next month, Registration Rodeo Part 5: Completing the SAM registration and